PS5 Controller Stand, Double

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For the dedicated gamer with an eye for design, our Stackable PS5 Controller Stand is a sleek and modern solution that perfectly captures the essence of the PlayStation 5’s aesthetic. Designed to securely stack two controllers, this stand is as functional as it is stylish, ensuring your controllers are displayed beautifully and always ready for action.

With a design that allows for easy access to both controllers, this stand ensures that your gaming setup remains uncluttered and organized, all while paying homage to the sleek design of the PS5 console itself.



Stackable Design: Conveniently holds two PS5 controllers in a vertical arrangement, saving space and creating a striking display.

PS5-Inspired Aesthetics: Echoes the clean lines and futuristic look of the PlayStation 5, making it a seamless addition to your gaming environment.

Secure Hold: Each controller sits snugly in its designated spot, protected and ready for use.

Sturdy Construction: Made with high-quality materials to ensure stability and durability, with attention to detail that complements the high-tech appearance of your console.

Enhanced Organization: Provides a dedicated spot for your controllers, helping to keep your gaming area neat and organized.


Our Stackable PS5 Controller Stand is a testament to smart design, blending the need for organization with the desire for a setup that looks as good as it functions. Perfect for gamers who demand the best in both form and function. 🎮✨🎲


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Printing Settings:

Layer Height 0.3mm
Infill 8%
Perimeters 3
Support Material No Supports needed


Additional Notes – Nothing else, Happy printing! 

Required Hardware:

8x4mm Rubber Feet >>>

Suggested Filament:

Sparkling Silver >>>

Sparkling Red >>>

Gun Metal >>>

Sparkling Black >>>

Sparkling Blue >>>

Sparkling Emerald Green >>>

Sparkling Purple >>>

Sparkling Dark Blue >>>

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