Nintendo Switch Arcade Stand

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Step into the nostalgic world of arcade gaming while enjoying the cutting-edge technology of your Nintendo Switch with our Nintendo Switch Arcade Stand. This stand is ingeniously designed to transform your gaming experience by merging the classic feel of an arcade setup with the portability and versatility of the Nintendo Switch.

Simply slide your Switch into the arcade stand and get ready for hours of immersive gaming. The stand is equipped with a dedicated slot for your charging cable, ensuring your device remains powered up during those intense gaming marathons. Additionally, the convenient storage compartment at the back provides a neat solution for keeping your Joy-Cons or other accessories organized and within reach.



Classic Arcade Experience: Designed to evoke the feel of vintage arcade cabinets, enhancing the gaming ambiance and immersion.

Easy Switch Integration: Custom-fitted slot securely holds your Nintendo Switch, offering a seamless transition from handheld to arcade-style play.

Charging Cable Accommodation: Includes a strategically placed slot for the charging cable, allowing for uninterrupted play while keeping the device charged.

Additional Storage: Features a compartment at the back for storing Joy-Cons, additional controllers, or other small accessories, keeping your gaming space tidy.

Sturdy and Durable Construction: Crafted with precision from high-quality materials, ensuring stability and durability for sustained use.


Our Nintendo Switch Arcade Stand is the perfect blend of past and present, providing a nostalgic arcade feel with the convenience and technology of today’s gaming. Ideal for gamers who cherish the arcade era or anyone looking to enhance their Nintendo Switch experience with a touch of retro flair. Get ready to level up your gaming setup with this unique and functional stand! 🕹️🎮👾


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Printing Settings:

Layer Height 0.3mm
Infill 10%
Perimeters 3
Support Material No Supports needed


Additional Notes – No additional Notes.

Required Hardware:

No additional hardware requiered 

Suggested Filament:

Sparkling Silver >>>

Sparkling Red >>>

Gun Metal >>>

Rose Gold >>>

Tri-Color Red, Blue & Yellow >>>

Dual Color Black & Red >>>

Sparkling Lavender >>>

Sparkling Black >>>

Sparkling Blue >>>

Sparkling Emerald Green >>>

Sparkling Purple >>>

Sparkling Dark Blue >>>

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