Cute Minimal Phone Holder

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Introducing the Cute Minimal Round Phone Holder, a delightful addition to any desk or tabletop seeking a blend of minimalistic design and playful charm. With its round, soft contours and unassuming elegance, this phone holder stands as a testament to the beauty of simplicity, offering a cozy nook for your phone.

Crafted for those who appreciate clean lines and understated aesthetics, this phone holder provides the perfect angle for viewing content, engaging in video calls, or simply keeping an eye on incoming notifications, all while adding a touch of cuteness to your personal or work space.


Adorably Round Design: Embraces minimalism with a cute, rounded shape that brings a gentle, inviting vibe to your space.

Optimal Viewing Angle: Designed to cradle your phone in the ideal position for hands-free viewing, enhancing your multimedia experience.

Sturdy and Compact: Utilizes high-quality 3D printing materials to ensure stability and durability, while its compact size ensures it fits snugly in various settings.

Versatile Compatibility: Accommodates a wide range of smartphones, making it a universally appealing accessory for any device.

Chic and Practical Decor: Beyond its functionality, this holder serves as a charming piece of decor that complements both minimalist and playful interior themes.

Let the Cute Minimal Round Phone Holder be the serene and stylish sanctuary for your phone, where simplicity and cuteness converge to elevate your daily routine. It’s not just a holder; it’s a small addition that makes a big impression. 📱💖🌼


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Printing Settings:

Layer Height 0.3mm
Infill 8%
Perimeters 3
Support Material No Supports needed


Additional Notes – No additional Notes.

Required Hardware:

8x4mm Rubber Feet >>>

Suggested Filament:

Sparkling Silver >>>

Sparkling Red >>>

Gun Metal >>>

Rose Gold >>>

Tri-Color Red, Blue & Yellow >>>

Dual Color Black & Red >>>

Sparkling Lavender >>>

Sparkling Black >>>

Sparkling Blue >>>

Sparkling Emerald Green >>>

Sparkling Purple >>>

Sparkling Dark Blue >>>

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