Arcade Desk Buddy – Organizer, Planter

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Meet the Arcade Desk Buddy, your new desktop companion that adds a playful twist to organization. Not just a cute figure, it serves as a versatile holder for your pens, pencils, or even a small succulent, bringing the joy of retro gaming to your workspace.

With interchangeable faces, you can switch between happy, smiley, mad, and ‘out of service’ to reflect your mood or just for fun. The functional joystick and satisfying buttons provide a delightful tactile experience to fidget with as you work.



Versatile Use: Works both as a desk organizer and a planter, making it a multifunctional decorative item.

Interchangeable Faces: Choose from a range of expressions to customize your buddy’s mood and add personality to your desk.

Functional Joystick and Buttons: Engage in some light play and relieve stress with moving parts designed for fidgeting.

Compact Size: Ideal for any desk size, the Arcade Desk Buddy doesn’t take up much space but adds a significant fun factor.

Quality Materials: Durable and designed to last, it can hold your writing instruments or plants safely and in style.


Whether you’re a fan of gaming, looking for the perfect desk accessory, or need a small distraction during your workday, the Arcade Desk Buddy is here to level up your desk’s fun quotient. It’s a little piece of nostalgia that’s sure to bring smiles and maybe even a bit of envy from your colleagues! 🕹️😊🌱


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Printing Settings:

Layer Height 0.3mm
Infill 8%
Perimeters 3
Support Material No Supports needed


Additional Notes – No additional Notes.

Required Hardware:

8x4mm Rubber Feet >>>

Suggested Filament:

Sparkling Silver >>>

Sparkling Red >>>

Gun Metal >>>

Rose Gold >>>

Tri-Color Red, Blue & Yellow >>>

Dual Color Black & Red >>>

Sparkling Lavender >>>

Sparkling Black >>>

Sparkling Blue >>>

Sparkling Emerald Green >>>

Sparkling Purple >>>

Sparkling Dark Blue >>>

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