Do you want to start generating an income with your 3D Printer but don’t know where to start? Are you currently selling 3D Printed products but don’t know how to make sales consistently?

Learn How to Properly Launch Your 3D Printing Business in Less than 48 Hours

…and Copy My Social Media Content Strategy That Generates 10 or More Sales per Day Without Spending Money on Ads!

This course works whether you have one or many 3D printers. It includes Plug-&-Play Templates, Scripts, Checklists, and everything else you need to launch (or grow) your business right away!

Proven Results From Our Members. Listen to what they had to say!

I always wanted to monetize my 3D printer but lacked confidence and didn’t know where to start. The ‘3D Printing Side Hustle Blueprint’ was a game-changer. It guided me from the basics to launching my business. Now, I’m using the course’s strategies to scale up. It’s practical, effective, and confidence-boosting. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to turn their 3D printing passion into profit.

Edward R.

This course changed everything for me. I used to spend countless hours driving for Uber and DoorDash just to make ends meet. this course help me create an extra income with my 3d printer and now I don’t have to work as much.
Nelson D.

I was skeptical at first, but the ‘3D Printing Side Hustle Blueprint’ was more than I expected. The step-by-step approach made it super easy to follow. Now my wife doesn’t think my 3d printers are a waste of money. lol 

John M.

Had I known how fast and easy it would be to start a profitable 3D printing business with the ‘3D Printing Side Hustle Blueprint’, I would have jumped in a long time ago! The course streamlined everything, making what seemed complex, surprisingly simple.

Joseph M.

Before finding the ‘3D Printing Side Hustle Blueprint’, I was completely lost – I had never sold anything in my life. This course guided me from absolute zero to making a consistent income with my 3D printer. I’m incredibly grateful for the clear, step-by-step approach that made it all possible. Thank you for helping me start this amazing journey!
Gabe M.

I bought the course 2 days ago and I’m almost done implementing the strategies. Very informative and easy to follow. Recommended!
Paul C.

I couldn’t believe it. lol I started seeing results in less than a week after implementing the social media strategies. It’s really easy to follow.

Michael P.

Absolutely worth it! The course is well-structured, easy to understand, and truly beginner-friendly. I went from knowing little about 3D printing to running a small but successful online store.The community support and expert advice were just the cherries on top!

Melissa S.

I’m currently taking this course, and it’s worth 10 times what they are charging for it. This training breaks everything down in a simple and easy to follow process.

Robert C.

What would making 10 or more sales per day with your 3D printing business mean for you?

It might mean freedom to work from home and and spend more time with your loved ones, because your business is finally making money.

Or, it might mean being able to actually take a break from the daily grind and pursue your passions without worrying about finances.

You’ve probably seen a lot of successful 3D Printing business out there, but…

Do you feel drawn to the idea of selling 3D printed products, but feel overwhelmed by where to start?

Do you feel like you’re struggling to make sales while others are effortlessly thriving?

Do you wish there was an easy way to get customers for your 3D Printing business?

Does it feel like your business could shut down at any moment due to lack of sales?

Are you tired of watching YouTube videos that promise success but leave you with more questions than answers?

If you feel like I’m talking directly to you, then listen up!

I discovered a powerful strategy that turned my social media channels into 24/7 selling machines!

It felt like I just activated a cheat code to make money with my 3D Printer.

Every time I posted content, I gained new followers that were interested in my products, and customers came to me instead of me looking for them! All without spending any money on ads.

The best thing is that this is a skill you can also learn, and I’ve broken it down for you step-by-step. I also Included Plug-&-Play Templates, Scripts, Checklists, and everything else you need to launch your business right away! 

Ready To See The


The Objective

To make sales (on autopilot) every time we post content of our products on social media and continue to make sales even when we are offline.

Think about it like this… When you create content on social media…


Posting Pictures, Videos, Carousels, Stories, or Reels…


You’re generating rich, organic traffic straight back to your profile page and whether you realize it or not…




and if your profile and brand are NOT optimized to turn those visitors into customers…

Then you’re missing out on FREE sales with each passing second!

I created the 3D Printing Side Hustle Blueprint to teach you how to create a brand for your business that builds trust and how to create social media content of your products that actually gets customers!

We’re going to turn views and likes into followers that actually want to buy your products…

Without spending any money on advertising!

Learn the Game in


Here’s What You Will Learn Today

Step #1 Build the right foundation for your business.


We’ll walk you through the process of properly setting up your business, whether you have one or many 3D printers!

Then we’ll show you how to create a BRAND for your business that gets potential customers to trust you. This is a crucial step many overlook when starting out, and we’ll show you how to truly stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

Then, we’ll take you through a step-by-step guide on how to build a high-converting online shop (either through Etsy or Shopify) and how to identify your niche specific products. 

Additionally, we’ll optimize your 3D printer to work faster and produce better quality parts.

Step #2 Optimize Your Social Media Channels to Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers


This is the part where we reveal our secret sauce for attracting thousands of followers and building an audience of dedicated fans.

We’ll introduce you to our proven system for turning casual visitors into engaged followers, and then into loyal buyers.

Building a strong audience is more valuable than money itself. Why?

Because a dedicated following saves you thousands in marketing expenses and followers are more likely to purchase what you’re selling.

Step #3 Create Content to Drive FREE Traffic To Your Social Media Profiles


With a solid business foundation and your social media profiles finely tuned for customer conversion, the next key step is content creation. We’ll teach you how to craft high-quality and engaging content to drive traffic to your store by just using your smartphone.

Discover the secrets of creating compelling posts and videos that naturally attract the right audience.

This is the strategy that saves us thousands of dollars each month in marketing costs. By leveraging the power of social media, we reach millions of people every month… and the best part? It’s completely free. 

This is the Fastest… Easiest… Most “Beginner Friendly” Way To Start (Or Grow) Your 3D Printing Business TODAY!

But wait…


Bonus 1 – Get instant access to 50 proven-to-sell Designs and start selling right away!


That’s right! You can start selling as soon as today when you sign up but wait…

I will also include HD Images, detailed descriptions and suggested pricing for each product! 

All you have to do is copy, paste and start selling right away!

The price of these models range from $15 to over $100 depending on the model’s scale.

Bonus 2 – Learn how to grow a following on social media and build an audience of fans! 


We’ll teach you how to create engaging content, use hashtags effectively, and leverage the social media algorithm to reach your target audience.

Building a loyal following on social media is key to promoting your products, sharing content, and receiving valuable feedback.

It’s time to take your social media game to the next level.


Bonus 3: Get Access to a private community of like-minded individuals!


This bonus opens the doors to a supportive and engaged community of fellow entrepreneurs, all sharing the same passion for 3D printing and business success.

Connect, network, and collaborate with others who are on similar journeys, exchange valuable insights, and receive ongoing support and encouragement as you navigate your entrepreneurial path.

Joining this exclusive community adds a valuable dimension to your learning experience, offering inspiration, motivation, and camaraderie every step of the way.

Bonus 4 – Get lifetime access to the course + all future updates!


This course is a smart investment whether you’re just starting your journey in selling 3D printed products or you already have an established business.

As I continually enhance and update the course, you’ll receive lifetime access to all the latest strategies, tools, and insights, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve and maximize your success in the 3D printing industry.

Monthly Creator


Meet Igor Tylman owner of Tylman Design! @tylmandesign


Introducing Igor Tylman, the visionary creator of Tylman Design and the groundbreaking PETmachine.

This ingenious device turns plastic bottles into filament for 3D printers, revolutionizing sustainability in the printing industry.

When Igor first joined our community, he had fewer than 200 followers and just under 50 sales. Fast forward to today, and Igor is on the brink of reaching 4,000 followers, with over 1,000 successful sales on Etsy alone!

By applying the strategies learned in our course, Igor’s journey transformed dramatically, proving that with dedication and the right guidance, success is within reach for every creator.


Whether you have one 3D printer or many, whether you’re selling your own products or someone else’s designs. These steps are proven to work! 

The 3D Printing Side Hustle Blueprint is the perfect blueprint to follow, guiding you from A to Z in record time. With our unwavering support and proven strategies, success is just a few months away and today is the best day to get started!

What’s Included in this course?


✅ Learn how to build a brand for your business that people will trust. ($197)

✅ Learn how to find hot-selling products that sell all-year round. ($97)

✅ Get a list of the best products to sell if you’re just starting out. ($49)

✅ Learn how I optimized my 3D Printers to work faster and get better quality parts. ($27)

✅ Learn how to build and optimize your online shop to turn visitors into customers. ($197)

✅ Learn how to optimize product listings to get people to buy. ($97)

✅ Learn how to optimize your social media channels to turn viewers into followers. ($197)

✅ Discover the exact social media content I used to get customers. ($197)

✅ Learn how to take professional pictures of your products. ($97)

✅ Learn how to create videos of your products for social media. ($97)

✅ Learn my secret strategy for getting customers without spending money on ads. ($197)

✅ Learn how to pack products to get customers to buy again! ($49)

✅ Learn how to ship products for cheap and get free shipping materials. ($49)

✅ Get my Starter Pack of 50 STL designs with a commercial license to start selling right away! ($197)

✅ Get lifetime access to the course and future updates. ($197)

✅ Join my discord community to ask questions and support. ($197)

That’s over $2,000 in Value!

This is EVERYTHING you need to know To Start (Or Grow) Your 3D Printing Business. Get 60% Off The 3D Printing Side Hustle Today! (Normally $497)

Best Price


One-Time Payment of $197 USD

+ Lifetime access, updates & bonuses

2 Payments


2 Monthly Payments of $112 USD

+ Lifetime access, updates & bonuses

3 Payments


3 Monthly Payments of $83 USD

+ Lifetime access, updates & bonuses

Still Have Questions?

I'm already selling products, how can this course help me?

Long story short… We can help you make more sales! and better yet, we can teach you how to make sales on autopilot without spending money on ads…

Here’s what you’ll gain:

New Strategies for Social Media: Learn how to effectively create content to reach thousands of people and transform your social media channels into sales robots that work 24/7 converting viewers into followers.

Enhancing Your Brand: You will not get sales if people don’t trust your brand. In this course, you will learn how to improve your brand to increase the credibility of your business and get people to trust, like and know what you have to offer.

Fresh Products for Your Store: You’ll get access to the entire 3D Printing Builds catalog of STL designs to add to your store, complete with a commercial license. This means more variety for your customers and more sales opportunities for you.

Community and Coaching: Access to our supportive community and dedicated member support ensures you’re never alone. You can share experiences, get answers to your questions, and stay connected with fellow 3D printing enthusiasts.

In short, this course and its accompanying resources are designed to streamline your operations, expand your product range, and sharpen your marketing tactics, saving you time and boosting your profits.

I only have ONE 3D printer at the moment, will this course still help me?

While it’s true that starting out with just one 3D printer may seem daunting, it’s absolutely possible to make money using just one printer. In fact, many successful 3D printing businesses started out with just one printer (me included!) and have gone on to expand their operations over time.

The key is to identify a niche market or specific need that you can fulfill with your 3D printer. This might involve creating custom parts or products for customers, or designing and selling your own unique creations. With a little bit of creativity and hard work, it’s possible to build a successful business using just one 3D printer.

Of course, as your business grows and demand increases, you may find that you need to invest in additional equipment and resources to keep up with demand. But starting out with just one 3D printer is a great way to get your foot in the door and start building a customer base.

and this course covers all of that!

YouTube offers all of this for FREE, why should I pay for this?

Truth is if that’s what you wanted, you would have done it already. If you’re here that means that you haven’t had any luck with YouTube and you are looking for a better alternative.

The real question here is “What is your time worth?”

If you rather spend months, if not years, trying to learn this by yourself… then this course isn’t for you.

But if you’re looking for a structured and focus path to learning how to build a success 3d printing business in less than 48 hourse, then we can definitely help you!

This Course provides a clear, step-by-step path, curated and regularly updated content, personalized support, and access to a community of like-minded individuals.

Our course delivers high-quality, actionable content designed to guide you through starting and scaling your 3D printing business effectively.

It’s an investment in a comprehensive, quality learning experience that YouTube’s scattered format can’t always guarantee.

What if I don't have a 3D Printer yet?

If you don’t currently have a 3D printer, this course has got you covered. We provide a list of the best 3D printers to start with, based on their affordability, reliability, and ease of use.

Our aim is to ensure that learners have access to all the resources they need to succeed, and that includes information on the best 3D printers to use for their projects.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced 3D printing enthusiast, we’ve got you covered with the latest and most reliable 3D printers on the market.

Will the course be updated?

Certainly! This course undergoes periodic updates, and the course content is refreshed to ensure its relevance and effectiveness. The course has already undergone multiple updates, and additional content will continue to be added over time as the course remains live.

As the course is designed to meet the needs and interests of learners, requests and questions from learners are taken seriously. When such inquiries arise, extra lessons and resources are added to the course to ensure that learners receive the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on the subject matter.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we do. If you don’t LOVE what you bought, I don’t want your money. Period.

At 3D Printing Builds, we offer a 7-day, no-risk, no-questions-asked refund policy. Our reputation is far more important to us than keeping $1,000 that you felt we didn’t earn. Lucky for you we have less than a 4% refund rate on the life of our business.

 We want you to be confident and comfortable with your decision to join our community.

However, it’s important to note that due to the nature of our business, this refund policy applies only if you haven’t completed more than 25% of the course and downloaded ANY of the STL files from our library. This is to ensure fairness and protect the integrity of our content and the hard work that goes into creating it.

We believe in the value of our offerings, and we want you to experience them with peace of mind. If you find that our service isn’t the right fit within this initial period and you meet the refund conditions, we’ll ensure a hassle-free refund process.

My question is not listed here, how can I reach you?

Email your questions to 

Let me tell you how


What’s up, creator! I’m Carlos, also known as @carlostheinventor on social media platforms and owner of @3dprintingbuilds.

I got into 3D printing for two reasons:

One, because I think 3D printing stuff at home is just freaking awesome. And two, because I knew there was a way to make money doing it… I just didn’t know how.

So, I bought my first 3D printer on eBay for $200 (it was the Creality Ender 3) and started 3D printing things that I found cool and unique and sharing videos to see if people would buy it… well, they didn’t, lol.

I wasn’t very good at first, and there was a lot I didn’t know. But I was determined to make it work. So, I went on a mission to unlock its potential.

After many months of failure, trial and error and trying different strategies to sell 3d printed products on social media, I finally got the results I was looking for.

This is exactly what I did:

✅ I created a brand for my business to help me stand out, and get people to trust me.

✅ I sold niche specific products with high profit margins and low printing times.

✅ I optimized my social media channels to turn visitors into followers and then followers into customers.

✅ I built a simple but effective online shop that made it easy for people to buy from me.

✅ I posted daily content on social media to drive FREE traffic to my website and social media profiles.

My social media channels were generating sales on autopilot while I was offline!

With this new system in place, I went from having less than 100 followers to THOUSANDS of followers in just a few months. But these weren’t just followers, these were people who were interested in what I had to offer!

Every time I posted content on my stories or profile, I got lots of sales! And by lots, I mean more than I could handle, lol.

I went from having just one 3D printer to (15) 3D printers, and the cool thing is that I didn’t use my personal money to get them; I bought them with the profits from selling 3D printed products!

In just a few months of consistent work, my 3D printing side hustle started paying way more than my 9 to 5 job and I was working less hours! I ended up making over 6-figures in less than 8 months and I finished the year at $147,000! That’s when I decided to quit my Job and Go ALL IN with my business…

I became my own boss and I finally had the money and freedom to do what I always wanted to do. So I traveled the world, married my best friend in Hawaii, got the car of my dreams, bought my first beautiful home, and I invested the money I made from 3D Printing into other assets and now I don’t have to work for someone else ever again… all thanks to 3D Printing, Whoa!


Now, I’m on a mission to help people like you and give you everything I’ve learned throughout my 3D Printing journey!

So, if you’re interested in making an extra income with your 3D printer, or if you want to learn how to grow your current 3D printing business, I created this step-by-step blueprint to show you exactly how I did it.

So click the link below to get started.

This is a HUGE opportunity you don’t want to miss out on!!